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2016-04-06 “Cemeteries”

Last week in the Blenheim News, a reader brought up some valid issues regarding the Cemeteries that are operated by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. I contacted the Cemetery Office in Chatham and asked if they were going to issue a reply to the letter but that is generally not something that is done. So I… Read more »

2016-03-30 “Take Time”

If I was to ask you as a grieving person which part of your journey has been the toughest part, the question alone would be difficult to answer. For someone who is grieving, every day might seem to be a new and different hurdle. There will be days that you will think that you would… Read more »

2016-03-23 “Makaila & University”

I received a phone call from my youngest daughter last week to say that she was accepted into University of Toronto this coming fall. She was so excited that I could hear her voice breaking as we talked on the phone. We’re pretty close, the two of us…we think alike and we eat the same… Read more »

2016-03-16 “Q&A”

Here are some frequently asked questions about pre-arranging funerals. Do I have to prepay my funeral expenses?  No. To me, the most important part of pre-arranging a funeral is to get the statistical information that we need to register a death and to make notes as to what your wishes are. Can my executor make… Read more »

2016-01-27 “Children’s Movies”

Have you ever really paid attention to kids movies and how common it is that there is a death of a family member? In The Good Dinosaur, Arlo’s dad is washed away by a raging river. In Big Hero 6 a brother is lost in an explosion. In Finding Nemo, the mother is eaten by… Read more »

2016-01-26 “Happy Anniversary”

I have been writing Marc’s Musings for over seven years now. If you’ve read many of my posts, you will know how much I love my family. The pride and the love that I feel when one of my children walks into the room makes my heart skip a beat. Don’t get me wrong…we’re not… Read more »

2016-01-05 “Cremation”

I am often questioned about cremation. Some people are in favour of cremation and some are not. Some are simply undecided and are looking for some facts to make an informed decision. Regardless, cremation represents a personal choice that is becoming more and more popular. I would estimate that of the great number of funerals… Read more »

2015-12-16 “From a Beareaved Parent”

These are words of hope at Christmas from a bereaved parent… As a bereaved parent, I have experienced only two Christmases: the ones before and the ones after my son’s death. Christmas used to be focused on material issues…what did I want…what did my children want. Eight years ago, my son died. Suddenly, my life… Read more »

2015-12-09 “Nancy’s Letter”

This week’s Marc’s Musings is thanks to Nancy Bacik… “The night of the Santa Claus Parade I had the opportunity to share Blenheim with a person from out of town. She could not believe that people would volunteer their time to decorate our beautiful memory tree and she wished her community would do something like… Read more »

2015-12-02 “Thank You”

I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who supported the recent repatriation of John Robert Gallagher to Blenheim. From our departure in Toronto which was supported in a huge way by the members of the Kurdish Community to the elderly man who stood alone on a Toronto sidewalk and saluted us as we… Read more »