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2016-07-13 “Words From a Grieving Friend”

I came across this and thought it was worth sharing with you… Words From a Grieving Friend If you know someone who is grieving, this is probably how they want you to treat them: Please be patient with me; I need to grieve in my own way and in my own time. Please don’t take… Read more »

2016-07-06 “Makaila’s Graduation”

Another chapter in the book of my family has ended. My youngest daughter Makaila graduated last week from Blenheim District High School.  We are very proud of her for her accomplishments and her keen insight of and compassion for people.  All through her student career, beginning in Junior-Kindergarten at W.J. Baird School, Makaila has had… Read more »

2016-09-29 “Pre-Arrangements”

What are the reasons that I would pre-arrange my own funeral? First, I would want to help my family by answering some questions that they might not know the answers to. I’m pretty sure my kids know my Mom’s maiden name but I’m also pretty sure they don’t know where she or my Dad were… Read more »

2016-06-02 “Care Guides”

I have always felt that one of my jobs as a Funeral Director is to do whatever I can do to take some of the burden off families when a loved one dies. Between the time my Mom died and her funeral I felt like I lived in my car because there were so many… Read more »

Graham and the fish

My grandsons have a fish pond in their back yard.  Last week one of the fish died.  When Lynn was cutting the grass she found that Graham had conducted a funeral for the fish.  He could very well be the next generation of Eskritt funeral directors!  I just love him so much!!

2016-05-11 “Interview with Makaila”

Makaila was sitting on the other side of the desk five years ago when I started to write Marc’s Musings and I asked her to interview me because I wondered what things a twelve year old wondered about funerals. Here’s our conversation: Makaila: Why did you start being a funeral director? Marc: I have always… Read more »

2016-05-04 “Simple Cremations”

When it comes to the cost of a funeral, there are a lot of variables that are considered. Here is some information for you… Every Funeral Home has a pricelist and we are required to give you one if you request it…no questions asked. The cost of funerals largely depends on the services and supplies… Read more »

2016-04-27 “Cemeteries Part 4”

One last musings on cemeteries… If you have purchased the interment rights of a grave, you have exactly that…the right to be interred in that grave. If you have purchased interment rights of multiple graves, you should designate who you give permission to be buried in the additional graves. If you don’t make those designations… Read more »

2016-04-20 “Cemeteries Part 3”

More from the draft by-laws to regulate the operation of municipal cemeteries in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent… – when you sign a contract to purchase the interment rights to a grave, you will be given an Interment Rights Certificate. As a purchaser, you have the right to cancel an interment rights contract within thirty days… Read more »

2016-04-13 “Cemeteries Part 2”

Last week I wrote about Cemeteries. Just to refresh one thing: any cemetery, regardless of whether it is Municipally operated or not, must be licensed to act as a cemetery in accordance with the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act which was implemented by the Provincial Government. As required, Chatham-Kent has developed by-laws that show… Read more »