2016-01-26 “Happy Anniversary”


I have been writing Marc’s Musings for over seven years now. If you’ve read many of my posts, you will know how much I love my family. The pride and the love that I feel when one of my children walks into the room makes my heart skip a beat. Don’t get me wrong…we’re not perfect. Just like every parent/child relationship there have been challenges along the way, but we have always managed to make it through. And then there are those two boys who call me Papa…what an awesome experience that is! Being a grandparent is something that you don’t really understand until it happens.

Today I want to recognize that everything in the first paragraph of this musing would not have been possible without the one person who has been beside me all this time…my wife Gail. This past Sunday (January 24th) marked our 35th wedding anniversary. That means thirty five years of listening to me, believing in me, supporting me, challenging me and a lot of times finding my keys (and everything else I lose)…

One morning Gail was on Facebook and started laughing. Somebody (I won’t mention her name, but it rhymes with Barb Ferren) made a simple post… “45 years. Most of them happy”. I think that if a couple can say that, then it’s a good thing…it’s real.

And so here’s to you, Gail: “35 years. Most of them happy”… and may there be many more!”.