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2018-08-12: Last Part of “Breaking the Bad News to Children”

This is the final week for Breaking Bad News To Children…so far we have covered: Wait Until You Have The Complete Story Faith and Fibs Use Age Appropriate Language Allow Time For Grief Share Bad News Together Choose The Right Moment Leave The Conversation Open The following three are the last of the guidelines that… Read more »

2018-09-05: Part Two of “Breaking Bad News to Children”

Last week I started talking about Dr. Bill Webster’s information regarding 10 guidelines for telling children bad news. So far I covered: “Wait Until You Have The Complete Story” “Faith and Fibs” “Use Age Appropriate Language”. Following these come: 4. Allow Time For Grief: Despite your readiness to move on, don’t rush your child. Grief… Read more »

2018-08-29: Part One of “Breaking the Bad News to Children”

I read an article written by Dr Bill Webster about how to break bad news to children. In his article, he gives ten guidelines so this week will be part one of three. You can learn more about Dr. Webster at These are the first three guidelines he talks about: Wait until you have… Read more »

2018-07-18 “Local Events”

There are a couple of exciting weekends coming up in the area… This Thursday, Friday and Saturday is the annual Blenheim Cherryfest, an event that is put on every year through the Blenheim BIA. In addition to all of the planned events that we try to make happen each year, this year we are going… Read more »

2018-07-11 “Urns”

To buy an urn or not buy an urn…that is the question! If you’ve opted for cremation, the decision to purchase an urn is a personal choice…there’s no rule that says you need to. After cremation, the remains are placed inside a plastic bag which is then placed into a container quite like the one… Read more »

2018-07-04 “Cherry Fest”

My daughter Lynn turns 37 on July 12th which means that Cherry Fest in Blenheim will be just a few days away. What that also means is thirty seven years ago I took my Kodak Instamatic camera (the one with the cube light bulb that turned a quarter turn each time you used it) and… Read more »

2018-04-11 “Anna’s Musings”

…and so Anna hijacked my Marc’s Musings this week (in the nicest way)…so here it is! “Anna’s Musings” Marc Eskritt has been recognized as the Blenheim & District Chamber of Commerce’s Citizen of the Year. In honor of tomorrow’s Awards Ceremony I have decided to hijack Marc’s Musings to write a Musing about Marc. As… Read more »

2018-03-14 “Lucas 8 years later…”

I was going back through some of my Marc’s Musings and found this one from March of 2010. Although the television shows have changed, nothing else has. We’re still best friends!! Did I ever mention that I am a proud father and grandfather??? Well, maybe just once or twice… This is my grandson Lucas James… Read more »