2018-07-18 “Local Events”

There are a couple of exciting weekends coming up in the area…

This Thursday, Friday and Saturday is the annual Blenheim Cherryfest, an event that is put on every year through the Blenheim BIA. In addition to all of the planned events that we try to make happen each year, this year we are going to try to set a world record and get Blenheim into the Guinness World Records!

The record for the most people simultaneously spitting cherry pits is currently set at 250 people. We are going to try and break that record. It’s free to do…all you need to do is come between 11:00 – 11:45 on Saturday July 21st, print your name, age and where you live on a list and spit a pit! Any age can do it and it doesn’t matter how far you spit, even if you hit yourself in the feet! We’ll snap some pictures and then send all of the names and pictures as evidence off to Guinness and wait for their confirmation. It will take place right at Cherry Central downtown Blenheim! Come on out and show your community spirit!!

Next Saturday July 28th is the Shrewsbury Ribs & Blues Festival which goes from 3:00 – 10:00 p.m. Last year was the first year that Gail and I went to the festival and we are sure to return this year! There will be a lot of awesome music and food for all who attend. It is a licensed event so you have to be at least 19 years of age to enter. The proceeds of this event will be put toward the Shrewsbury Community Centre as vital funding to maintain and improve the Community Center and preserve the heritage of Shrewsbury. Tickets can be purchased in Blenheim at Westside Performance and Blenheim Decorating Centre, in Chatham at HIP Entertainment and Book Brothers, in Ridgetown at Kakoon Spa, in Shrewsbury at Shrewsbury Baits or online at www.shrewsburyribsandblues.com

See you at both!