2018-07-11 “Urns”

To buy an urn or not buy an urn…that is the question!

If you’ve opted for cremation, the decision to purchase an urn is a personal choice…there’s no rule that says you need to. After cremation, the remains are placed inside a plastic bag which is then placed into a container quite like the one pictured here.

Of all the cremation interments I have been a part of, the black plastic container has been what has been placed into the ground more times than not. There is no rule at the cemetery as to what an urn is so we have had things like a fishing tackle box and a tea pot. We have also had times when a family has placed the cremated remains directly into the ground without any container. The choice is yours.

Because urns can be shipped the following day and because there are literally thousands of urns to choose from, we don’t carry many. Instead, we give families catalogues to look through and they can choose whichever urn they like. Sometimes they choose to have an urn engraved which means that it needs to be ordered anyways. Companies that sell urns are really quite accommodating.

If your choice is to have cremation followed by a service but your choice would be to not purchase an urn, we have a maple urn with a cherry finish here that we allow families to use free of charge. It allows you to have something more for the visitation, funeral or interment service without the cost of purchasing an urn.

You can also make your own urn or purchase something that you would like to use. Just keep I mind that the size of a standard urn is approximately 220 cubic inches.

Urn vaults are available when you inter cremated remains in a cemetery but at this point they are not required.

If you would like more information, don’t hesitate to call. I always say that there is no such thing as a silly question.