2015-12-09 “Nancy’s Letter”

This week’s Marc’s Musings is thanks to Nancy Bacik…

“The night of the Santa Claus Parade I had the opportunity to share Blenheim with a person from out of town. She could not believe that people would volunteer their time to decorate our beautiful memory tree and she wished her community would do something like that. After some tears and some pictures to take home with her, my personal thoughts turned to what “the tree” means to me.  

I wish to acknowledge Marc and Gail Eskritt and staff of the Blenheim Community Funeral Home and the volunteers who put up the memory tree every year so that we can pause for a moment and remember our friends and family. It has always touched a special place in my thoughts and in my heart. In a season filled with the words “Comfort and Joy”, we who are bereaved sometimes find it hard to always find “Joy” in this festive season but I do always find great “Comfort” in “The Tree”.

Thank you Marc, Gail and Staff!

Nancy Bacik


And these are the volunteers who helped place name tags on the tree this year!

Wayne Brookes

Dave from Vink Network

Mark and Chad from Phillips Skid Steer Service