2016-03-16 “Q&A”

Here are some frequently asked questions about pre-arranging funerals.

Do I have to prepay my funeral expenses? 

No. To me, the most important part of pre-arranging a funeral is to get the statistical information that we need to register a death and to make notes as to what your wishes are.

Can my executor make changes to my pre-arranged funeral?  

Yes. Ultimately when a person passes away, we have to take our direction from the Executor of the estate. If you make pre-arrangements and later think that you would like changes to be made, you can either notify the Funeral Home or let your Executor know what you would like to be changed.

Can I cancel a pre-arranged funeral or transfer it to a different Funeral Home?Also, if you decide that you want to transfer your pre-paid funeral to another Funeral Home; whether you move to a new part of the country or if you just decide that you would rather go to a different Funeral Home that can be done as well. A transfer can take place even after death; your Executor will give the final direction as to which Funeral Home will handle your funeral arrangements.

Yes. If you have only pre-arranged your funeral without pre-paying there is no obligation to keep those arrangements. If you have pre-paid your funeral expenses and decide that you would like the money back, it will be returned to you. Some Funeral Homes may charge an administration fee for doing that but we do not.

Does it cost money to get an estimate of funeral expenses or make pre-arrangements?

No. It’s actually a good thing to get estimates for funeral expenses so that you can compare costs before you make your decisions. Just make sure that when you get estimates from different Funeral Homes that the same expenses are included in the estimate and that there will be no surprises later.