2017-05-10 “Bios Urns”

Bios urnsSome time ago, ads for “Bios Urns” started to show up on Facebook and got a lot of positive comments. Some folks asked me if I would start to carry them so I have done that.  They are available now at the Blenheim Community Funeral Home.

A Bios Urn is marketed as “a capsule that meets the needs of any type of tree, it’s the perfect medium to allow for the proper growth of a tree or plant when planted with the remains of your loved one”.

What happens is that you place either all or a portion of the cremated remains of your loved one inside the bios urn along with some soil. You plant a seed with the soil that grows a tree.  Because the Bios Urn is produced without glues or chemical additives, the degradation of the urn is respectful to the environment because of its organic components.  In essence, the capsule will hold the soil and ashes while the tree begins to grow and then it will decompose as the tree grows.

More information on Bios Urns you can visit the website at https://urnabios.com