2016-12-07 “The Christmas Memorial Tree”


…and we’re back. Last week my family took me on a vacation…the first one that we have taken in over 20 years.  It was fun and relaxing.  While we were gone, a great group of people put the Christmas Memorial Trees up for me and decorated them.  I owe them many thanks for doing that.

This year we decided at the last minute to use some smaller trees. It will be a learning curve for us, but there were challenges with the big tree that helped us to make that decision.  With nearly 1,000 name tags on the tree this year, we would have had to place some of the tags so close to the top that people wouldn’t be able to read them.  Now with a group of smaller trees, all of the name tags are readable.  The other thing that always worried me was that the big tree would fall over if it got really windy, and last year it did start to lean which meant that we had to take it down before New Years.  That problem should be alleviated with smaller trees.  It will be an adjustment because we are so used to seeing that big tree every year but I think that this is best.

Special thanks go out to Don Tait and Merv Rooke for their offers of trees this year.  And thank you to Jillian at The Flower Bed for selecting and placing the trees for us!!

Once again, feel free to place an ornament in memory of someone (please just do not put glass ornaments on the tree because of safety reasons) or give us a call at 519-676-9200 and we can place a name tag on the tree for you. This is something that we do for the community, so it doesn’t matter who your funeral service provider was.