2012-10-24 “Sinclairs Bush”

Many years ago on a Sunday afternoon in the latter part of fall I went for a drive and discovered the beauty of Sinclairs Bush just outside Blenheim.  I’ve detoured down that road many times during the year just to see what it is like and in any season it’s never a disappointment.  A website dedicated to Sinclairs Bush says that it is a Maple-beech forest that has scattered Tulip-trees, Hop-hornbeam, and Basswood throughout.  In spring, the ground is covered with trout Lily, Dutchman’s Breeches, and Jack-in-the-pulpit.  Less common plants such as Appendaged Waterleaf, Wood Phlox, and Running Strawberry Bush are also there.

A road less travelled (or so I thought), when taken on the right fall day, Sinclairs Bush gives the illusion of driving through a tunnel of colours…hard to explain really, but nothing less than spectacular.  I spent an hour or two just sitting there pondering life after my Mom died.  The road, as I’ve found out, is not less travelled but travelled by many who have also come to admire it’s beauty.  And on Sunday when we took Makaila and our grandchildren for a drive there we found that it is a common backdrop for those annual fall pictures.  Very much worth a drive.


Happy Fall from the Eskritt Family (including Makaila behind the camera)!