2012-07-11 “Makaila’s Graduation”

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the middle of July.  School is done, we have had our week at the trailer and I’m back in the office.  Thanks to Darrell and Kurt for keeping everything running smoothly at the Funeral Home, Gail and I were able to have a great week away with the kids. 

Since I was in the middle of writing about the new Legislation, I didn’t get to write about Makaila’s grade 8 graduation.  That day was a major event, not only for Makaila but for her entire class.  From the look of the students, I can only imagine that everyone’s day was like ours…the clothes, the hair, the nails, the make-up, the energy…worth every moment when we turned around and watched all of the young adults file into the sanctuary and take their places…on their own, away from us…a new beginning.  It reminded me of the Michael W. Smith song called “How To Say Goodbye” (a must watch video on youtube).…”Here I stand, arms open wide.  I held you close, kept you safe ‘til you could fly.  Tell me why; why does following your dreams take you far away from me…and I knew that it would”. 

We were proud of Makaila that night as her efforts were recognized.  She received an award for her marks and she got a school letter which is what she had set her sights on at the beginning of the year.  And just as importantly, Makaila was proud of her own accomplishments.  Those achievements may well form goals for her next chapter in life.  If you were to ask her about her successful year though, she would be quick to point out the part that Mr. Aspinall and Mrs. Kistulinec  had in her success.  As she says, Mr. A had big shoes to fill after Mr. V left, but he did it. 

Hats off to all you!