2018-03-14 “Lucas 8 years later…”

I was going back through some of my Marc’s Musings and found this one from March of 2010. Although the television shows have changed, nothing else has. We’re still best friends!!

Did I ever mention that I am a proud father and grandfather??? Well, maybe just once or twice…

This is my grandson Lucas James Eskritt who turned 3 just last month. When you ask him how old he is, he will hold up one hand and hold his thumb and baby finger down with the other. Lucas and I are best friends. He calls me Papa or when an abbreviated “Pops” when he’s excited about something. Sometimes I call him Bob because he likes Bob The Builder on t.v. and he calls me Rolly which is a part of the team on Bob The Builder. Lucas always likes to come to Pop’s house because he has fun and he and I have our own personal stash of candy…it’s a grandparents duty keep stashes of candy! Last weekend Lucas slept over. I asked him if he wanted to bring his baby brother Graham with him, but he didn’t…I think he just wanted some time by himself with Pops. I told him that I would pick him up after work but by three o’clock he called me to let me know that he was sad because he missed me so I picked him up early. Lucas is always interested in the Funeral Home. He always asks me who passed away and why. Last fall Lucas had a funeral in his sandbox for Maka Paka, one of his toy figures from the Night Garden. Maybe he’s the next generation of Funeral Directors for the Blenheim Community Funeral Home? Lucas is a good big brother but I’m pretty sure that he’ll manage to get himself and his brother into some mischief sometimes just like all kids do. I’ve made promises to Lucas that he doesn’t understand yet…to always have time for him, to always make him feel special and to always let him know that I love him no matter what.

Cheers, Bob!