2016-08-17 “Urns”

After cremation takes place, the cremated remains are placed inside a plastic bag which is then placed inside this container. Contrary to what some people are told, there is no obligation to purchase an urn. Many times this black plastic container is placed inside an urn bag and that is what is interred in the ground at the cemetery. It is perfectly fine. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy an urn; what I am saying is that it is a choice. Some people buy urns, some find a decorative container that they already have at home, some use a fishing tackle box and some make their own urns. The interior dimensions of an urn is such that there is approximately 220 cubic inches.

Also, it is legal to scatter ashes. The only place you can legally bury an urn is in a cemetery, but you can scatter ashes on any crown land or in any crown water. You can also scatter ashes on private property with the owners permission.

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