2015-11-25 “Thank You from Valerie”

To everyone in Blenheim who came out Friday afternoon to greet and honour my son as he returned home to Chatham-Kent, I wish to express my heartfelt thanks.

I cannot begin to tell you how deeply touched everyone in my family feels by your reception. We had no idea anything was being planned in town, and we are so honoured and grateful at your outpouring of support. To see everyone waiting in the cold, just to demonstrate their respect for John Robert and compassion towards us was incredibly moving. It really is overwhelming to experience such kindness.

Thank you all so much, for everything. We appreciate it very, very much.

It is important to us to know that people are thinking about and discussing John Robert’s actions – why he chose to volunteer in Kurdistan and why he thought this is a battle worth fighting. He truly believed that when we learn about injustice, we have a responsibility to act. I hope people will continue to think about that in the days to come 

Thank you again.

Valerie Carder