2015-05-27 “Information”

Have you ever wondered about Funerals or Funeral Homes? Have you ever wondered what’s behind those doors? I’m sure lots of people do wonder, but few people ask. When I first got into Funeral Service, there were very few questions but at the same time there were very few options. Back then it may have been that everybody did what they thought was expected of them. Everyone was embalmed, everyone had visitation, everyone had a religious service and at that time, everyone was buried in a cemetery.

Fast forward 34 years…people are seeking more information in order to make more informed decisions in any area of their lives and sometimes those decisions break away from traditions that once were. In Funeral Service, cremation is quickly becoming more of the norm, embalming is not a legal requirement and some folks are foregoing the traditional visitation times for something that suits them better. Some folks still respect a religious service while others are opting for a reception or a Celebration of Life at a Funeral Home, on a beach or in their own back yards. Cremated remains are being scattered at homes, on farms and in lakes instead of buried. All of these changes have forced Cemeteries and Funeral Homes to change the way they think and it’s a good thing.   The bottom line is that either we as Funeral Homes embrace the changes that are before us or we will be left behind.

We are in a time when folks want information about what Funeral Homes do and at the Blenheim Community Funeral Home we are open to that quest for knowledge. As I sit here writing this weeks Musings, in the back of my mind I am preparing for three tours and seminars this week…tonight there will be a group in for a seminar on cremation, a school tour will take place on Wednesday and another tour of interested individuals on Saturday.

If you are an individual or a part of a group that would be interested in learning more about Funerals and Funeral Service, don’t hesitate to call. I’m always willing to open my doors and my mind to your questions and thoughts.


Until next week,