2015-05-13 “Mitch Moore”

Spring, and the land lies fresh green
Beneath a yellow sun.
We walked the land together, you and I
And never knew what future days would bring.
Will you often think of me
When the flowers burst forth each year?
When the earth begins to grow again?
Some say death is so final,
But my love for you can never die.
Just as the sun once warmed our hearts,
Let this love touch you some night
When I am gone, and loneliness comes
Before the dawn begins to scatter
Your dreams away.

…once again I am sitting at my desk in complete awe of how a community pulls together at a time of need…I can’t begin to explain to you how much that means to me. On behalf of us here at the Blenheim Community Funeral Home, we would like to say thanks again to Chris Kirkwood and the staff at the Blenheim Arena for going above and beyond, to the C-K Police and EMS for your attendance and your assistance, to Melanie McTavish for coordinating the family dinner and to all of the family and friends who showed your support to Mitch Moore’s family. A special thank you to all of the students from the Blenheim District High School and the sport teams who came to the Funeral Home, who were a part of the service and who formed an honour guard for your friend and team mate…you were great!

Until next week,