2014-12-24 Christmas 2014


Winter, and perhaps someday there may be

Another fireplace, another room,

With crackling fire and fragrant smoke.

And turning suddenly, we will be together,

And I will hear your laughter and touch your face

And hold you close to me again.

But until then, if loneliness should seek you out

Some winter night, when snow is falling down,

Remember, though death has come to me,

Love will never go away!



The last Musing of the year is probably the most difficult one for me to write.  As I sit at my desk, I am reading over a list of names representing all of the families that we have helped in 2014.  I want you to know that there are things I remember about each and every person who passed away this year and I want you to know that your loved ones are not forgotten.  It was a privilege to have become a part of your family and to walk beside you for a time as you began a new journey.  You mean so much to us.      


Until next year,