2014-12-10 “The Christmas Memorial Tree”


The Christmas tree is up in front of the Post Office in Blenheim!  Life has been busy for us and I had resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn’t have the tree done in time for the Santa Claus Parade but with the folks who came to help out, it got done!  Thanks so much to Ian & Rhonda Rumble and their family who donated the tree this year, to Max Lindsay of M&M Tree Service who cut the tree down, to Mark Phillips and Taylor Phillips of Phillips Skid Steer Service who brought the tree uptown for us, to Wayne Brookes and Brock Robinson who braved the cold all day putting tags on the tree and for Dave Vynckier of Vink Network who sent up his bucket truck to put ornaments on the highest spots!  And finally to my daughter-in-law Anna Toporowska and my wife Gail…thanks for organizing all of the name tags (and for putting up with me)!  Our Christmas Memorial Tree has drawn quite a bit of attention…this summer I received an e-mail from a Funeral Home Alberta who had heard about it and wanted some information on how to go about doing the same thing!

As always, the Blenheim Community Funeral Home is pleased to put the Christmas Memorial Tree up for you so that you can stop for a while and read some of the names and remember for awhile.  The tree is placed there for everyone, regardless of who your Funeral Service provider was.  You are free to place an ornament on the tree so long as it isn’t glass (for safety reasons).  The tree will be taken down after New Years and the tags will be saved from one year to the next.  It was so nice to see folks stopping and looking at the tree during the Santa Claus Parade, taking pictures and just remembering.  I could hear some children saying “look, there it is” when they found the tag they were looking for.  It was awesome.