2014-10-08 “Happy Thanksgiving”


When I stepped out of the trailer on Sunday morning to come home I was caught in a moment of awe.  The waves that pounded the shore the night before had become a but a calming sound as they brushed the sand.  The dark clouds that filled the sky met a ribbon of blue in a far off distance where they met the lake.  The sun shone through the clouds every once in awhile like a spotlight on the multi coloured trees that rest on a nearby hill.  It was nothing short of amazing.  It reminded me of the hymn that we used to sing when I was a kid “For The Beauty Of The Earth”.   It also reminded me of a part of one of my favourite poems about death:

Fall, and the earth begins to die

And leaves turn golden-brown upon the trees.

Remember me too in autumn, for I will walk with you

As of old, along a city sidewalk at evening time

Though I cannot hold you by the hand.


There are so many things that I am thankful for in life…my family, my friends (both the new and old), the lessons that I have learned in life (both the good and the bad) and for the support of the communities and the families that I have been privileged to become a part of.


From our family to yours…Happy Thanksgiving.


The Eskritt’s