2014-03-05 “Week Three of What I Think Makes Us Different”

Week 3 of what I believe makes us different…

People always comment that the Blenheim Community Funeral Home doesn’t feel like a funeral home…it is warm and inviting and our staff will make you feel that way too.  I think that we have some of the nicest staff that we could ever hope for.  I encourage them to interact with folks and not be overly formal and cold.  They will be checking to see if you need something to drink or if you need the temperature adjusted instead of standing at attention at the door.

When there is visitation that covers an afternoon and evening, sometimes families choose to stay here for supper, especially if the family is from out of town.  We have room across the road where we can set tables up for a meal (there’s no extra charge for that) or you can have a more casual dinner in the main building.  A lot of times, your friends are going to want to do something for you and I know it’s hard to say okay, but it works out really well if they make something and bring it here for you to have between visitations.  Barring that, we can make dinner for you and some folks have ordered pizza…the choice is yours.  On the other hand, some folks actually like to get away from the funeral home for a break and they choose not to stay.

On the day of the service some folks have a luncheon here, some have one at another location and some have no luncheon at all.  There’s never a requirement for you to even have a luncheon…again the choice is yours.  Funeral lunches were started many years ago but they had a different purpose.  It was felt that if a parent of the household died (especially if it was the working parent) friends would provide the family with a meal and then some extra food to help them get by until they could get straightened around.  I’ve always said that if you come to my funeral, the luncheon will be a wiener roast at the beach…in the summer.  Bring a stick because you’ll have to cook your own!