2013-05-08 “Non-traditional Cremation Options”

Last week I wrote about some of the more traditional things that folks do with cremated remains. Here are some other “non-traditional” options that are offered by non-traditional companies:
– YOU CAN BE SHOT INTO SPACE…send a “symbolic portion” of yourself on the next available mission. You’ll stay there for an estimated 10 to 240 years before reentering the atmosphere.
– YOU CAN BE EXPLODED WITH FIREWORKS…yes you can literally “go out with a bang”.
– YOU CAN BE MIXED INTO A CORAL REEF …your cremated remains can be turned into an artificial coral reef to nurture marine environment.
– YOU CAN BE CRUSHED INTO A DIAMOND…within a few months your carbon remains can be crushed into a gemstone that is identical to a natural diamond.
– YOU CAN BE FIRED IN HAND-BLOWN GLASS…a small portion of cremated remains can be infused into hand-blown glass keepsakes.
– YOU CAN BE PAINTED INTO A WORK OF ART…a professional artist can create an oil painting with traces of cremated remains mixed in.
– YOU CAN BE LAUNCHED IN A HELIUM BALLOON…about 6 miles up into the sky, the atmosphere gets so cold that the balloon will freeze and shatter and your ashes will disperse into the clouds.
– YOU CAN BE STUFFED INTO A TEDDY BEAR…a lined velvet compartment is placed inside a stuffed animal to hold a person’s cremated remains.
– YOU CAN BE MOUNTED TO A VEHICLE…some people are happiest when they’re behind the wheel. You can have a mobile cremated urn mounted on a motorcycle, car or truck.
– YOU CAN BE THE SAND IN AN HOURGLASS…an hourglass is filled with cremated ashes instead of sand “creating a symbol of the passage of time in every person’s life”.
– YOU CAN BE TURNED INTO A BOX OF PENCILS…about 240 pencils could be made from the carbon of human remains.
– YOU CAN BE BUILT INTO A PYRAMID…a company wants to build pyramids out of a high-impact polymer that would last over a million years. Each building block of the pyramid would contain a person’s cremated remains.