2013-03-28: “Forty Things To Say Before You Die (Part 3)”

Here are the last ten statements on the list of “Forty Things You Should Say Before You Die”:
10 “Your secret is safe with me” … Because it feels deep-down good to be trustworthy.
9 “Eureka!” … Being the first to know something is a delicious sensation.
8 “Let’s go!” … Where you’re going often matters far less than the enthusiasm you have for the trip.
7 “I trust you” … We all need allies, and admitting as much helps forge alliances.
6 “I don’t know how to do this” … It’s better to admit it and learn than to fake it and embarrass yourself.
5 “I’m terrified” … Fear is an asset. It can save you from danger and alert you to trouble. Don’t ignore the tingles that run up and down your spine.
4 “This is going to work” … When this is said truthfully, it’s an assertion of power.
3 “I made a decision” … Autonomy transforms any activity from a chore to an act of destiny.
2 “I love you” … We all want to say this and we all want it said to us.
1 “I understand” … More important than being right, or being important, is being truly aware.