2013-03-22: “40 Things To Say Before You Die (Part 2)”

Last week I started this list called “40 Things To Say Before You Die”. Working backwards, here are numbers 24 – 11:
24: “I quit” … Not everything is worthwhile, and sometimes we don’t find that out until we’re in the middle of a rotten situation.
23: “Isn’t this beautiful?” … The more often you notice the gorgeous world around you, the happier you’ll be.
22: “Congratulations” … Say this without jealousy. Practice if you have to.
21: “Damn, I look good” …You come from a long line of people who convinced others to sleep with them. Remember that.
20: “I can master this” … The ability to learn is the foundation of every other talent.
19: “Hold the mayo” … Ask for the little things on a regular basis and you’ll find that it’s easier to make larger demands on occasion.
18 “This is who I am” … The nervous energy spent pretending to be something you’re not is better spent on practically anything else.
17 “Get out” …It’s always harder to take back an invitation that to ggive one, but protecting yourself from personified trouble is always worth the effort.
16 “That was my contribution” … Own what you’ve worked to create – that’s how your presence will be felt long after you’re gone.
15 “I’ll try it” … Consider the impotence of never saying you’ll try.
14 “Tell me more” … Really getting to know someone (or some topic) will help you better triangulate your own place in the world.
13 “This is my favourite thing” … Enjoy what you love and say this as often as you can.
12 “I earned this” … There’s a layer of proud ownership over everything you possess that wasn’t merely given to you.
11 “I don’t care” … Being able to discern between what’s important and what’s trivial is a skill that will save your sanity and your schedule.