2012-08-29 “Pre-planning”

Somewhere down the road you’re going to have to think about it.  We all face it, but most of us avoid talking about it:  our final preparations.  On Tuesday October 16, 2012 Heather Kitely will be at the Blenheim Community Funeral Home again to host an informal seminar about the benefits of pre-planning funerals.  Heather will share her experience and perspective on how to plan ahead and be prepared. 

Pre-planning a funeral doesn’t mean that it has to be prepaid.  Many folks pre-plan their funerals so that we have the statistical information we need and to make it easier for their family by making their wishes known.  Regardless of your age, this is a good step to take.

Pre-paying a funeral means that you contract and pay for certain goods and services at todays prices and then when you die, your family will not be charged any extra for those goods and services even if the price increases.  And if the funds you invest are used for funeral expenses, you don’t have to pay income tax on the interest that you earn.  If you need your money back it is possible to get all of your investment plus all of the interest or growth that you have accrued.  So it’s like transferring money from one account to another…it always remains your money until the contract is fulfilled.  Payment plans are available even by monthly charges to your credit card.

Pre-paying a funeral means that you are eligible to receive a free Travel Assistance Plan worth $375 plus tax from the Blenheim Community Funeral Home.  This plan, which is good for life, will cover you if you are more than 100 kms from your legal residence.  It will cover the charges incurred by the Funeral Home where the death occurs, it will pay for the procurement of an Official Death Certificate, for Consular Services if necessary and for transportation to the Blenheim Community Funeral Home whether you are in Ottawa, Florida, Europe or anywhere else in the world.