2012-05-23 “Sisters”

For some reason I have been thinking a lot about my Mom lately.  In my quiet times I try to remember things that made her who she was.  For some reason, I wondered the other day whether her housecoat was short or long.  I can almost remember the material that she used to sew it.  I don’t know why it was important to me to try and remember that. 

It’s hard to think of Mom without thinking of her sisters because Aunt Fern, Aunt Eileen and Aunt Ruth were very important to her.  Sometimes she and Aunt Ruth would be on the phone already at 5:00 a.m.  All of Mom’s brothers were important to her as well, but she and her sisters had a special bond.       

For the first almost thirteen years of my life, I was surrounded by sisters and it became apparent to me at an early age that sisters do have a very unique relationship.  Brother – sister relationships are special; they are nurturing and loving.  But when you compare a brother – sister relationship to a sister – sister relationship, you will find that there is something different; an added dimension.  Brothers share a biological link, but they’re just different.  They rarely seem as emotionally glued as girls who grow up under the same roof.  My brother and I talk about cars and property maintenance, our excursions and such.  When my sisters talk to each other, it sounds more like an intimate meshing of the heart and soul. 

How often have you watched two women walking down a street and intuitively known that they were sisters?  I think that if you had seen my mother with her sisters, you would have known that they were more than just friends.  Those relationships, having been formed long before we were born acted as a model for my sisters as they grew and formed their own bonds.  Now that Mom is gone, I wonder when I look at her sisters what qualities of theirs my own Mom would have now.  They remain to be such an important part in our lives.