2012-05-02 “Kurt”

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the newest member of our family, Kurt Thompson.  Kurt is the son of Bob and Marlene Thompson of Rondeau.  When he was in grade 11, Kurt did a co-op placement with us at the Blenheim Community Funeral Home.  After High School, Kurt completed the Funeral Service Education Course at Humber College in Toronto followed by an apprenticeship in Sault St Marie.  After he was granted his Funeral Director’s License, Kurt practised in Australia for over a year and then as many of us only dream of doing, Kurt bought himself a Europass which allowed him to hop on a train and tour many of the European countries that some of us may never see.  But now he’s home…for a while, anyway.  In keeping with his adventurous spirit, Kurt will return to school in the fall to work toward an eventual degree in Marine Biology.  In the meantime, we are honoured to have Kurt join us here.  Welcome aboard, Kurt!