2012-01-04 “Thanks”

I want to offer a big thanks to everyone who made the 2011 Christmas Memorial Tree possible.  To the generous offers of trees from Janet Holmes, Wendy Lachine and Sandra Rumble and to the Paul Welton Family for donating their tree this year, a big thanks!  To Max Lindsay and crew from M&M Tree Service a big thanks for taking the tree down again this year!  To Mark Phillips from Phillips Skid Steer Service for picking up and delivering the tree again this year a big thanks!  To our very own Anna Toporowska for making ornaments, keeping everything organized and for keeping ME organized, a big thanks!  For everyone who came to the tree lighting and to everyone who stopped to remember someone, a big thanks…it means so much.  And finally to everyone who let us know how much the tree is appreciated, thank you so much.  I want to share an e-mail that I received:

 I wanted to drop you a note to say how much it makes my day every time I walk by the memorial tree uptown.  One of you took the time to appreciate that the angel for my Dad with the tag “Grampa Ken Fields” attached was something very special from the gradnchildren and put it just at the right height for them.  They are so proud to point it out to everyone around each time we walk by.  As I look over the many decorations for people whom have been a part of our lives at some point, it brings back so many memories of lives well lived and so many taken too soon.  Sometimes we laugh remembering funny stories and sometimes we cry.  I want to thank you, because I know for certain there are many just like me who appreciate the reminiscing and I hope that Dad’s ornament has done that for some as well.
I found it ironic that in your Musings this week (yes, the younger generation reads them too!) you mentioned that if you were to give everyone a gift it would be: time, peace, hope, hugs and love.  I believe the tree gives all of those priceless things and more!
 If you haven’t already found one for next year Ian and I would be honoured to donate the tree.
 I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and only the very best in the New Year!
Rhonda Rumble

Thanks, Rhonda!