2011-12-02 “Christmas Memorial Tree”

The countdown is on.  By the time many of you are reading this, there will be only 23 days left before Christmas morning.  For some of you, the excitement will be building and for some of you, sadness will wash away the joy of Christmas this year.  Once again the Blenheim Community Funeral Home will be placing a Christmas Memorial Tree by the Post Office in Blenheim and placing decorations on it in memory of the special people who have touched your lives.  It is our hope that as you walk by, you will stop for a moment and remember them.  We also hope that you will find comfort in knowing that others are doing the same and that your loved one is not forgotten. 

This is the third year that we will have placed a Christmas Memorial Tree for the Community.  Anna has been busy for three weeks now whenever she has had the chance to make sure that any missing decorations are replaced and that any new decorations are ready.  Three years ago we started with almost 200 decorations on the tree and this year we already have over 500 decorations to place on the tree. 

At 6:30 p.m. on Friday December 2nd, the same night as the Santa Claus Parade in Blenheim we will light the tree that was donated this year by the Welton Family.  Last year many people joined us for the lighting and everyone is invited this year to do the same.  There are tears, there are hugs, there are smiles and there is silence.    

The Blenheim Community Funeral Home places the Memorial Tree for the entire community regardless of who your Funeral Service Provider was.  If you would like us to make an ornament for you and place it on the tree, just give us a call and we would be happy to do that for you.  If you would like to place an ornament on the tree yourselves, feel free to do that.  If you have a special ornament that you would like to have placed but would like us to do that for you, give us a call.  The only thing we ask is that you not place glass ornaments on the tree because of the potential of them breaking.

Remembering you at Christmas time,