2011-11-16 “The Christmas Memorial Tree”

A couple of weeks ago when I mentioned the Christmas Memorial Tree, I thought that I was bringing the subject of Christmas up too early.  But when I went to church that Sunday and read about the upcoming Christmas festivities and when I visited stores to find them decorated and playing Christmas music, I realized how fast Christmas really is approaching. 

This is the third year that the Blenheim Community Funeral Home will provide a Christmas Memorial Tree which is placed outside the Blenheim Post Office.  On the tree we place ornaments with the names of people who have passed away, regardless of who their funeral service provider was.  We do place an ornament for any family who we have been honoured to serve and we will replace all of the ornaments that were included last year, but if you haven’t had an ornament on the tree and would like one to be there, simply give us a call and we will place one for you or you can place one on the tree yourself.  The only thing we ask is that you not place glass ornaments on the tree since it could become a hazard if it should fall and break. 

We generally put the tree in place around the first of December and then we will light the tree on the night of the Santa Claus Parade in Blenheim which this year is December 2nd.  Christmas time is an especially challenging time for people who have lost someone.  We believe that when a death occurs, the community comes together to support families and the Memorial Tree is one more way to do that.  I have been touched over the past two years to watch people as they pass the tree and stop for a moment to remember.  While I am placing ornaments on the tree I can hear the anticipation in peoples voices as they look for and find that one special ornament.  And as I am placing the ornaments on the tree, I remember something about each person and each family that we have served.  Thank you for that opportunity.