2011-10-26 “Information Seminars”

Last night we hosted our second of three Information Sessions planned for this fall.  At the first session, Jason Mallory of Kerr, Wood & Mallory talked about the need for wills, powers of attorneys and other legal issues.  Last night Heather Kiteley brought a fresh and honest approach to funeral planning and how to plan ahead and be prepared.

Next month, on Tuesday November 29th, Dixie Peters from “…a time to mourn…” will share some thoughts on how to cope with loss during the holiday season.  Christmas time is a very difficult time to get through when you are grieving and it deserves special attention.  Last year I was at a seminar in Chatham where Dixie spoke about grieving through the holidays and I have asked her to come here this year and speak.  When it gets closer to Christmas we always get the pamphlets out for folks to take home to read and they speak a bit on the difficulty of getting through Christmas but pamphlets can’t compare to shared experiences.    

So if you missed the first couple of Information Sessions, don’t miss this next one.  The sessions start at 6:30 p.m. and usually end around 8.  We have a time for questions and take time to have a bite to eat and enjoy each others company until you are ready to leave.  Next month we’ll have shortbread cookies in the shape of angels; something that my Mom always made at Christmas time and something that I have continued to do since she died, because that brings special meaning to my family at Christmas time. 

Plans are also underway for the Memorial Christmas Tree that we have placed by the Post Office for the past two years.  I will talk more about that later, but the response to the Memorial Tree over the past two years has been great and people have already asked about it this year.  The Memorial Tree is all about remembering loved ones at Christmas time.  For more information, don’t hesitate to call.