2011-10-12 “Planning Ahead”

Recently someone said to me “I’m so glad we planned all of this ahead of time” referring to the funeral service that was held for her husband.  I agreed, saying that it had allowed them to do what they needed to do most, which was to be together as a family and to grieve. 

At a first information seminar that we had here at the Blenheim Community Funeral Home, Jason Mallory of Kerr, Wood & Mallory reinforced that pre-planning a funeral is a good thing to do.  Financial Advisors reinforce that pre-planning a funeral is a good thing to do.  Children who have gone through the process of making final arrangements for their parents funerals say that the steps that their parents took to pre-arrange their own funerals was a good thing to do.  Funeral Directors say that it’s a good thing to do.  I don’t know if anyone would disagree. 

A recent survey showed that three-quarters of Canadians over 35 have thought about their own funerals.  Some had taken steps toward pre-planning, even if it was to address their preference of burial vs. cremation, making a will or completing a donor card.  And for those who undertook some formal planning for their funerals, their motivations were driven by a need to reduce the emotional and financial burdens on their families.

Pre-planned funerals can include a pre-payment plan but they don’t have to.  They can simply include providing statistical information that will be required and making your wishes known. 

Our next seminar which will be held on Tuesday October 25th will be about “Planning Ahead”.  Heather Kiteley will be the guest speaker and she will bring a fresh and honest approach to funeral planning.  Heather will share her experience and perspective on how to plan ahead and be prepared.

There’s no catch…just come on out and hear what valuable information Heather has to share and stay for some food after the seminar.  We would like to get an idea of how many folks will be joining us, so if you haven’t called to let us know you’re coming yet, call us at 519-676-9200 and let us know!