2011-09-21 “Eight years past…”

This month the Blenheim Community Funeral Home will begin its ninth year of serving the community.  It’s hard to believe that eight years have gone by so fast.  I know that I have said this before, but I am truly humbled by the trust and the good will that you have shown to us here.  It is an honour to be able to help you in your time of need.  

I take pride in the fact that because I am the owner of the Blenheim Community Funeral Home, I don’t have to walk the corporate line and I can make my own decisions.   A great compliment given to me this past week was “you have a good spirit and I know that for you, it’s not all about money”.  Thanks Father Greg; I will miss you and wish you well in your new parish. 

I also want to thank the team who have stood beside me throughout the years to make us the best…Audrey Antworth, John Boogaart, Jean Crackel, Patricia deBrouwer, Darrell Eskritt, Rachel Eskritt, Stephen Espie, Paul Hawley, Karen Kuchta, Fred Lachine, Stephanie MacLean, Robbie Mallory, Mary McFadden, Lynn Reed, Jenny Rumble, Jim Sanson, Patti Steveley, Anna Toporowska, Ron Vandehogen, Cathy Wheeler, Ada Wright and my wife Gail and daughters Lynn and Makaila for their constant support and encouragement.  It is because of this dedicated group of people that I can dedicate my time to you.  I am the one who will answer your call at midnight and I am the one who will be close by when you need me most.    

At the Blenheim Community Funeral Home, we are happy to be able to give back to the community.  So far this year we have donated books to libraries and schools in memory of loved ones, sponsored the Relay For Life, Trot To The Beach, the Ridgetown Agricultural Society, Blenheim Youth Centre, Blenheim & Community Seniors Centre,  the Blenheim Open, Blenheim Blades, …a time to mourn…, Morpeth Cemetery, provided a scholarship to a high school student,  sponsored a children’s soccer team, a mens baseball team, a ladies baseball team, we rent space on the sign by Tim Hortons for community announcements, we sponsored free skating, I serve on the Boards of the Growing Together Daycares and the Legion Villa, I belong to the Blenheim Optimist Club, the Golden Acres Curling Club and more…because I care.