2011-05-18 “Book Donation Program”

In 2010 the Blenheim Community Funeral Home launched a program that would see a book donated in memory of each family who we have had the privilege of helping.  Our goal is to assist and educate people not just during a funeral, but for the rest of their lives.  Each family is asked for their input as to a title or subject of a book and a location to donate the book.  The following is a list of books that we have donated so far this year:

“…a time to mourn…” in memory of:
Gary Ablett Eight Critical Questions for Mourners
Barbara Cote Healing A Friend’s Grieving Heart
Donna Dowd How To Go On Living When Someone You Love Dies
Jason Graham Healing Your Grieving Heart For Kids
Clayton Huckle Healing a Child’s Grieving Heart
Eli Ivanchenko Opening To Channel
Larry Lucier Healing Your Holiday Grief
Theunis Nicolai Life After Loss
Luella Ramsden Healing A Friend’s Grieving Heart
Alberta Smith Healing A Friends’s Heart
Mary Ann Stefina Understanding your Grief
Roger Stoner Widow To Widow
William Tennant Widow To Widow
Leslie Vaughan Understanding Your Grief
Mary Vaughan Understanding Your Grief
Matthew White A Child’s View Of Grief
Donated by theBlenheim CommunityFuneral Home Understanding Your Suicide Grief
A Teen’s View of Grief (CD)
A Child’s View of Grief (CD)
Blenheim Public Library in memory of:
Trenton Russell When A Baby Dies
Hazel Arrand Chicken Soup For The Grieving Soul
Yvonne Bennett On Life After Death
Gordon Burchiel The Mourner’s Dance
Edith Cameron Love Lives On
Edward Cofell Move On Without Me
Erle Cook Gunga Din And Other Favourite Poems
Joan deBrouwer On To Victory
Rene Derkzen Cycling For Everyone
Tony Dorssers The Book Of Firsts
Bill Knight Life Lessons
Earnestine Lachine Riders Of The Purple Sage
Ray & Percy Lack WWF – Global 200 Places That Must Survive
Gordon Laurie The Ultimate Bird Lover
Wayne McDermid I Don’t Know What To Say
David McGuigan A Greener Life
Helen McGuigan The Oxford Companion To The Garden
Arnold Nooyen Let’s Take The Long Way Home
Cayson Osborne Grandparents Cry Twice
Kaye Osborne Lake Erie:  A Pictorial History
Howard Rees Heart Gifts
Carl Renaud The Greatest Hunting Stories Ever Told
Neeland Rumble The Canadian Illustrated Guide To Green Gardening
Wayne Stennett Why Did You Die
Nelson Sykes Woodworking Projects
Fr. Ivo Tommeleyn When God Whispers Your Name
Mildred Tye The Fall Of Freddie The Leaf
John Wardle Lament For A Son
Donna Williams What I Learned From My Cat
Cats:  The Ultimate Cat Lover’s Guide
Donated by the BlenheimCommunity Funeral Home Grieving A Suicide
 Blenheim United Church in memory of:
Dorothy Lindsey Chicken Soup For The Grieving Soul
Chatham Public Library in memory of:
Joan Newton How To Survive The Loss Of A Love
CKHA Palliative Care Unit in memory of:
Doug Barnes Move On Without Me
 Erieau Public Library in memory of:
Jane Osborne Lines To Live By
Growing Together Daycare in memory of:
Diane Payne Missing You
Pete Girard The Snowy Day
 Our Lady Of Fatima School in memory of:
Donald Smith Chicken Soup For The Horse Lover’s Soul
 Ridgetown Public Library in memory of:
Berta Eskritt Back Roads Germany
Ray & Percy Lack WWF – Global 200 Places That Must Survive
Keith Newcombe Days With My Father
Everett Shelp Chicken Soup For The Grieving Soul
St. Anne’s School in memory of:
Neeland Rumble Sports Illustrated:  The Hockey Book
St. Paul’s Anglican Church in memory of:
Verne Burke I Can’t Stop Crying
 A Donation Has Been Made to the Literary Angels Program to donate books to the Chatham-Kent Libraries in Memory of:
Agnes Coleman Alex Dagenais Sydney Davis-Jones
Richard DeClerck Mike Guluk Nancy Hart
Henry Koekuyt Stanley Lachine Cassandra Leitans
George Raes Mary Lou Verhart Laura Vidler