2011-01-05 “Jane’s Letter”

Happy New Years to everyone!  I would like to thank Jane Ablett for this weeks Marc’s Musings.  Jane sent this letter to me just before New Years and it really means a lot to me.  All of the staff here thought that I should ask Jane if I could include her letter in the paper so I did.  Thanks, Jane!       


I want to express my feelings about this year’s Memorial Tree and to extend my sincere thanks for the time and effort you exhibited in making this year’s tree a reality.  For me, the tree is a powerful visual that allows an opportunity to express a range of emotions.  It offered a dedicated, respectful place to stand quietly and reflect both on the loss of Gary, and about the significant numbers of individuals that our community has lost, recognizing that each of them had value and that they too are loved and missed.  At times, seeing the tree made me smile as I remembered, and at other times I cried.  On several occasions, the tree presented an opportunity to connect with others and share.  Each of those interactions were memorable and another step on the road.  In short, I found the tree to be a place of healing during a very challenging and emotional time of year.  

I particularly liked the positioning of the tree.  I believe that by bringing the tree out in the open that it reinforces the awareness that death is a part of the cycle of life and that we need not hide it.  I am hopeful that its position allowed some teachable moments, not only for the children, but for some adults as well.  Thanks also for your efforts in co-ordinating the balloon release.  It was the perfect experience at the perfect time.

 In summation, our community is richer for having your quiet dedication, compassion, leadership and insight.  You are a good and valued citizen.


Jane Ablett