2010-12-22 “Christmas Wish”


If I could give something to you this Christmas, this is what it would be:


It seems that we are always in a hurry and maybe at Christmas time it’s even worse.  When you’re in the grocery store on the day before Christmas and somebody just took the last loaf of bread, you’re going to feel like crying.  Sometimes life isn’t fair.  I would give you a big box of patience; some for you and some for others.  It’s hard to find patience sometimes when you are grieving.


Some of us can’t wait for the next day and some of us are dreading what it may bring.  Some of us don’t have enough time and some have too much time.  I don’t know who came up with the saying that time heals all because it just doesn’t.  But time is the only way to get from one day to another and tomorrow the edges of your pain may be a bit softer.


Peace is something that you will find in yourself.  I can’t buy peace for you in a store, but with patience and time, peace may follow. 


When we are grieving sometimes it feels like we lose all sense of hope.  Don’t give up hope, because you can’t live without it.  Just remember that you are experiencing the pain of losing because you had the privilege of loving.


It’s important to have physical contact.  I watched on t.v. once when some stood on a busy New York street holding a sign that said “free hugs” and it was surprising how many people came up and gave him a hug.  Give a hug and you’ll probably get two in return.


Love isn’t something that ends with death.  You didn’t lose it; what you really want is your loved one back.  I still love my Mom, my sister, my nephew…it’s still there; just not in the same package.  I would help you rediscover that the love is still there, deep in your heart.

Those are the things that I would give you this Christmas.  Instead of concentrating on the things that your loved one took away from you, think of all the things that he or she gave to you.  They are the gifts that you will keep forever.

Warm Christmas wishes,