2010-12-08 “Thanks”

The Blenheim Community Funeral Home would like to thank the following people for their help with the Christmas Memorial Tree this year:  To all of you who offered trees to us:  Anne Campbell, Betty Allen, Paul Welton, Nancy Ardis and for the tree that we have this year from Mr & Mrs Leo Verhart, a big thanks!  To Max Lindsay and your crew from M&M Tree Service, for cutting the tree for us, a big thanks!  To Mark Phillips from Phillips Skid Steer Service for going above and beyond, donating your time and equipment and even helping us put ornaments together, a big thanks!  To Anna and Gail for spending countless hours making sure that there were enough ornaments and keeping the name tags up to date, and to Darrell for braving the cold again this year to place ornaments, a big thanks!  To Jeff Perrin and Jayne Parker from Copies & More for laminating and trimming the cards, a big thanks!  To the Blenheim BIA and the Municipality of Chatham-Kent for allowing us to place the tree by the Post Office again, a big thanks!  And to everyone who stopped to talk while we were putting ornaments on the tree to let us know just how meaningful the tree is to you and that you’re glad to see it again this year, a big thanks!

For those of you who missed the lighting, we lit the tree just before the Santa Claus Parade.   The tree was lit, we listened to a song that had a special meaning to us this year and then we released white balloons into the sky.  It was nice.  For all of you who have a family member or a friends name on the tree, our thoughts remain with you this Christmas season.  Your loved ones are remembered.

If anyone would like an ornament placed on the tree, simply call us at the Blenheim Community Funeral Home and we will place one for you.  Or you can place an ornament yourself if you want…we have placed the tree for the surrounding communities to share.