2010-09-08 “Community Room”

When we built the Blenheim Community Funeral Home seven years ago, it was important for us to include the name “Community” instead of our own names because of our broader community-based understanding of funeral service.  We believe that when someone passes away, the whole community is affected by the loss.  We recognize that while we may provide the facilities and services to facilitate a funeral, it is the community that comes together and supports a family in their time of loss.  One of our missions was to create a facility that would be friendly and that would be able to support the communities that support us.  In keeping with that thought, it was important for us to include a Children’s Room.  The Children’s Room is close to the visitation area so that parents can still see and hear their children and know that they are happy and safe.  Having a children’s room makes it easier for children to be a part of a significant life changing event and we believe that is important.  Another thing that we included is a Community Room.  There has never been a charge for the use of this room and it is available to you seven days of the week, day and evening.  We even supply the beverages!  We have had bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, family dinners, get away days for businesses, meetings for churches, wedding pictures, health & safety training, baseball registration, soccer meetings, special event meetings…even a weekend long retreat in this room!  The Community Room is one of the areas here where families can go to eat dinner between visitations or have receptions after a funeral service.  For your convenience we have banquet tables and chairs, electric roasters, a barbeque, a refrigerator and an oven.  We can cater for you or you can have someone else cater for you or you can bring your own food.  I’ve always said that “our home is your home”.