2010-08-25 “Back to school”

When you have kids sometimes you judge the seasons by the school year and so when I think that school is starting in a couple of weeks it feels to me that summer is almost over.  A drive in the country shows that the tobacco harvest has started, some of the seed corn is starting to turn and the fruit is ripe on the trees.  Last Sunday afternoon it felt like it was fall. 

The beginning of school is bittersweet for me.  Right now we have five children at home who will attend five different schools…that has the potential for five different meet the teacher nights, five different parent teacher interview nights and five different Christmas concerts.  When it comes to two of the kids schools competing against each other in sports, I’ll just have to cheer when everybody gets ahead…it will make people wonder who the crazy person is in the back! 

I remember the days of getting ready for school.  Each year we got a new lunch pail which was a square metal box with some kind of design on it, new binders,paper and pens; usually bic pens because they were only nineteen cents each.  We also got one new outfit to wear on the first day of school.  Each year I promised myself to keep my notes more organized than the last year and each year I did just that…for about a month.  There seems to be so much more for kids to learn now.  Makaila came home last year with grade six math that I’m sure I took in high school.  I don’t know how kids are keeping up.  I guess with all of the new knowledge comes new ways of learning and somehow it all works.

So back to school, back to making lunches, back to trying to make lunches more exciting and back to making more lunches…I think that I’m the Grinch of making lunches but I’ll just have to deal with it!