2017-03-22 “How To Avoid Probate Fees”

Jason Mallory

 It was about three years ago now that we hosted complimentary seminars with Jason Mallory of the Kerr, Wood and Mallory Law Office in Blenheim regarding the Ontario Estate Administration Tax commonly referred to as ”probate taxes”.  At that time, there were some changes being made to the laws surrounding probating a will.  Those seminars were repeated a few times because there were so many folks who wanted to attend.  The focus on those seminars was to inform you of the revisions that were being made with regard to the rules and costs of probating a will.

We are doing it again…

Jason Mallory has offered his services once again to give you information about probating a will. Instead of focusing so much on the revisions, Jason will focus on ways that you can avoid probate fees.  At this point we have two dates which are April 3 and April 24.  The seminars will be held at the Blenheim Seniors Centre and they will begin at 6:30 p.m.  We will be limiting the seminars to 80 people each night.  If there continues to be a demand after that, we will consider future dates for more seminars.

We are not using these seminars as an opportunity to sell or promote funerals. These seminars are for you so that you will be better informed to make some good decisions.

Please give us a call at 519-676-9200 to reserve your seat.