2016-09-28 “Fourteen Years”

September marked the beginning of our fourteenth year at the Blenheim Community Funeral Home.   Sometimes I sit back and ponder those years…so much has happened, so much has changed.  My daughter Lynn who was training to be a nurse at the time now works on the dialysis unit at Victoria Hospital in London.  Darrell who had just finished High School at the time is now completing his apprenticeship to become a licensed carpenter.  Makaila who was entering Kindergarten has now entered Brock University.  Sigh…

Gail and I are happy that our family has grown to include Rachel, Anna, Lucas and Graham. Oh yes, and we have grand-cats now too…Tackle, Ninja, Lemmy and Innis.  As the demands of being a full time business owner increased, we gave up fostering when the children we had become adults and were able to live independently.  We still keep in touch with many and are proud to see how successful they have become both in their personal lives and some as parents themselves.

I have come to support our community in many ways…I am the Chair of the Blenheim BIA (Business Improvement Association), the Treasurer of the Legion Villa Apartment complex, a Board Member of the Blenheim & Area Bereavement Support Program, a member of the Blenheim Optimist and most recently a Rotarian. I also try to support as many local initiatives that I can…it’s important for me to give back to the communities that surround us and have supported us.

We have had some pretty awesome staff over the years and I totally acknowledge that I am only a small part of the big picture…without them I would be lost. My hat goes off to them for putting up with me through it all…but I know that each one of us has the same goal which is to make our home your home.  I am proud of them for that.

To all of you who have included us as a part of your family and who we have included as a part of ours, to all of you who have made us what we are, thank you. We’ve laughed together, we’ve cried together and we’ve held each other’s hands.  It has been an honour to walk beside you on your journey.