2016-04-20 “Cemeteries Part 3”

More from the draft by-laws to regulate the operation of municipal cemeteries in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent…

– when you sign a contract to purchase the interment rights to a grave, you will be given an Interment Rights Certificate. As a purchaser, you have the right to cancel an interment rights contract within thirty days of signing the contract.

– if any portion of the interment rights has been exercised, the purchaser or the interment rights holder(s) are not entitled to cancel the contract or re-sell the interment rights.

– as a requirement under the provincial legislation, a percentage of the purchase price of all interment rights is contributed into an irrevocable fund – Care and Maintenance fund. Income from this fund is used to provide only general care and maintenance of the Cemetery. Contributions to the Care and Maintenance Fund are not refundable except when interment rights are cancelled within the 30 day period above.

– there are other services that can be provided by the cemetery staff such tree trimming and removal. If you would like to have those services provided, you can simply call the Cemetery office.

– when a person dies, we need to register the death and from that registration we receive a burial permit which is given to the cemetery operator. Prior to any burial, entombment or inurnment, the payment for that service needs to be made in full to the Municipality. Unless the charge was included in a prepaid funeral service contract prior to July 1, 2012 the payment is the responsibility of the person who has taken responsibility for the funeral arrangements. In essence, if someone passes away and you choose the cemetery as the final disposition, the purchase of the interment rights and the opening/closing charges must be made to the Municipality prior to the service being provided.


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