2013-11-27 “Christmas Past”

As I sit at my desk this Monday morning, a month from today will be Christmas.  Sometimes I sit and think..if I could bring back one Christmas, which one would it be?  There always seemed to be a build up to Christmas.  We had traditions that made the season exciting.  We listened to Burl Ives and Andy Williams Christmas music on the hi-fi.  I remember going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house before Christmas to watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer because they had a colour t.v. and instead of watching it, Roberta and I played in the snow.  We bought our Christmas tree on December 1st which was Mom’s birthday and we put it up on December 8th which was Uncle Ivan’s birthday.  My grandparents had one of those silver foil Christmas trees that had a light wheel in front of it that would change the tree from blue to yellow to green to red but we always bought a real tree; a scotch pine and it always smelled good. We had coloured lights, we strung popcorn for decorations and we hung tinsel strand by strand.  We all had parts in the Sunday School concert and Mom would say that she had seen Santa that day who had sent her home with a new outfit for all of us to wear to the concert.  The very best Christmas that I can remember is when all of the girls came to the barn and helped Dad and I do the chores.  Then we all went to the house and had a big breakfast.  Since the girls helped with the chores, the boys helped with the dishes.  After that was all done, we opened our gifts.  I couldn’t tell you what I got for Christmas that year but I do remember what we did…we spent time together as a family and it was the best.  Maybe that’s the answer that I’ve been looking for.