2013-04-03: “Book Donation Program”

Here at the Blenheim Community Funeral Home we have a Book Donation Program. For each family that we serve, we make a donation to the Literary Angels Program so that books are placed in the Chatham-Kent Libraries or in a location of the family’s choice. Inside each book is an acknowledgement of whom the book is in memory of. On March 20th I received word from the library that books have been purchased and are in the library in memory of the following people whose families we were proud to have served:

Harrie Voets Sharon Faflak Vivian Morningstar
Jim Cooper Charles Remsik Agnes Hurrell
Ira Macumber Bev Guyett Ken Wilkins
Gerald Pickering Donna Ernest Ted Woodard
Franz Klassen Susan Dulisch Edmond Faubert
Donna Sarginson Donald Parker Bev Grieve
June Donais Alice Clarke Don Banfield
Toos Vandersluis Sylar Chandler Mary Anne Brooks
Joan DeMaeyer Danny McEachran Jesse Nealey
Eileen Wright Diann Armstrong Elroy Patterson
Elliana VanderEnde Flossie Smith Brock Bussey
Alida Vercouteren Carlin Travene Mike Laurie
Harry Kuipers Muriel Jackson

In addition to the books purchased by the Literary Angels Program, we have received books from Fiona Murphy in memory of her husband Mike, from Curtis Marwood in memory of his wife Dawn and from Willy Reynolds in memory of her husband Max that will be donated to the library. And finally we are proud to have received three copies of “Surviving the Loss of a Child” from Sharon and John Craner; two of which we will take to the Blenheim Library and one we will keep here with our Bereavement Resource books which are available to anyone. It is our hope that someday folks will go to the library looking for some information be it on bereavement or gardening or baking and they will open a book, read the name inside and smile as a memory travels through their minds…just as you might have as you read the names here.