2012-09-26 “Memorial DVD’S”

Over the years it has become very popular to produce a slide show of still pictures and music and burn it onto a DVD to be played on a television or a screen during visitation.  We can “loop” a slide presentation so that it plays continuously during the time that families are here; that way all of your friends can watch it too as they come and go.  And when the funeral is over, families choose to take copies home as keepsakes.  We’ve never charged any extra to families to produce a slide show for them, rather it’s just one of those extra things we do for them. 

Years ago, before slide shows were very popular I set out to make one for my family.  I set up my video recorder on the dining room table and leaned pictures against a box, zoomed in on each one and when I was done I added music…a long and tedious job (which is much easier and higher quality now).  I made the slide show for an early summer family gathering that we were having and I was so glad that I did it when I did, because my Mom passed away that fall and she got to see it before she died. 

That brings me to what I’m thinking about this morning.  Sometimes I wonder if folks wish that they had made a slide show earlier rather than waiting until after someone passed away.  I think that seeing a slide show of my life, one that includes my younger years with my brother and sisters, one that includes my rebellious teenage years and one that includes my wife, my children and my grandchildren would be awesome. 

So instead of waiting until something happens to Great Uncle Harry and then coming to the Funeral Home with the pictures and music, why not bring them now?  I’ll bet it would make him smile to see his life captured on a DVD.  At the Blenheim Community Funeral Home, we would be happy to help you with that.