2012-08-15 “The New Normal”

Let’s talk about personalizing a funeral service…

When I think of the way funeral services were 32 years ago compared to funeral services now, so much has changed.  Who would have thought back then that their neighbour would have been cremated, much less have his cremated remains launched into orbit?  It happens.

Who would have thought that the lady down the street would have had her husband cremated, much less have his cremated remains compressed into a gemstone to wear on her finger?  It happens.

Who would have thought that the young couple who live around the block would have a funeral service with an open casket for the stillborn child that they had waited so long for?  That change needed to happen.  When I think about how we handled stillbirths many years ago, it makes me want to go back and apologize to everyone. 

What society deemed to be “normal” many years ago with regard to funeral services may well have been changed to a new definition that includes “following your heart and doing whatever is most important to you”.  If that includes having visitation at a funeral home followed by a funeral service and burial then that is normal.  If it means foregoing the cost of a hearse and using a van that is already included in the cost of the funeral, or if it means using any other mode of transportation, then that that as well is normal.  If it includes hiking to the same mountain top where you spent time with your loved one and spreading cremated remains there, then that is normal.  If it means a gathering of family and friends in your back yard where you have something to eat and have a few drinks then that is normal. 

Don’t be afraid to ask…our motto here at the Blenheim Community Funeral Home is “yes we can”, or more importantly “yes YOU can”.