2011-10-19 “Planning Ahead”

Tell me this…do your children know if your preference is cremation or traditional burial?  Do they know your Mother’s maiden name and where she was born?  Is there any special music that you would like to be played or sung at your own funeral?  Do you know what documents you will need if you intend to use a cemetery plot that was purchased by someone else?  Do you have a will?  Does your executor know that you named him/her to take care of your affairs and where to find a copy of your will?  Did you know that we have always assisted families with all of the estate work that needs to be done when the funeral is over?  So many questions and sometime so few answers…

Next Tuesday October 25 at 6:30, Heather Kiteley of Guaranteed Funeral Deposits will bring her experience and perspective on how to plan ahead and be prepared.  Heather followed her father’s footsteps and became a Funeral Director and has since joined the team at GFD.  Her presentation will be a great source of information to you.  So come out for Heather’s session and then stay for something to eat after the presentation.  We would like to know how many to prepare for, so give us a call at 519-676-9200 to let us know you are coming.  There’s no pressure on your part to take any action…just come out, enjoy the session and the food afterwards!       

This is the second of three information sessions planned for this year; the next one will be in November, the guest speaker being Dixie Peters from …a time to mourn… who will give us some ideas on how to get through the holidays when we are grieving.   Then in the spring we will have three more information sessions with new topics.  Todays consumers want to be informed consumers and we at the Blenheim Community Funeral Home understand how important that is.