2011-09-28 “Darrell”

Twenty seven years ago yesterday Gail and I were on the Maternity Ward of the Public General Hospital in Chatham awaiting the birth of our second child.  We had been there for awhile when the doctor told me that I should go down to the cafeteria to get some supper because it would be some time before the baby would arrive.  I just sat down in the cafeteria when I heard my name paged over the p.a. system.  I went back up, got my gown on and opened the door of the delivery room to hear “it’s a boy”.  I can just imagine Darrell hearing the doctor saying it would be some time yet and him thinking “wanna bet?”  With sheer determination, our son mastered many things before his time.  At three years old when we were building a new house he talked the plumber into taking the training wheels off his bike and off he went.  When he was still very young, he would wait on the front step for me to come home from work so that I could start the lawnmower and he could cut the grass.  When he was in grade 5 Darrell learned that the Royal Bank would deposit the first $5 for kids when they opened an account, so he left school one lunch hour, opened an account, took the $5 out and bought a hamburger and a milkshake on the way back!  He was so proud of himself that he called me at work!   Three years ago when Darrell had his accident, Gail and I hurried to Chatham knowing that the air ambulance was on standby, waiting to transfer him to London.  When we got to the hospital, he was sitting up in a bed and he called me to bring him home that same night.  He learned over the past couple of years while renovating his house that he has some very good carpentry skills.  I’m a proud dad.  Sure, we’ve had our moments…we’re a normal father and son, but I wouldn’t trade this journey for anything in the world.  Happy Birthday, Gus!   

Love Dad