2011-09-14 Information Session 1

We’re back!  Makaila and I had a great time on our excursion south of the border before school started.  Sometimes my schedule gets hectic and we don’t get to spend enough father/daughter time together so when we do, I appreciate it a lot! 

A couple of weeks ago I put information in both the Blenheim and Ridgetown Newspapers about three sessions that we will be providing free to anyone who would like to come.  Seating will be limited but I hope to run them again later if there is enough interest.  The first session on September 27th will include Blenheim’s newest Lawyer, Jason Mallory who joined Kerr, Wood & Mallory.  Jason will talk about estate planning.  Do you know what will happen if you die without a will?  Do you know what will happen if you don’t have a Power of Attorney in place before you need one? 

Have you ever wondered if it would be wise to put your house in both yours and your childs name in an attempt to make it easier to settle your estate and avoid some expenses?  That question was asked to me this week.  While there may be some benefit to it, you have to consider a lot of things.  Consider this:  a parent puts his child’s name on the title of his house so that when he passes away, the house becomes the childs…simple enough?  But what if the child and his spouse end up divorcing before the parent passes away?  That is one of the questions that I know Jason will be asked that night and I know you will have more questions for him. 

Give us a call to reserve your spot at this first information session and come away with some worthwhile information.