2011-07-20 “Lynn’n”

Last week there was a very special day for us.  Our first born child, the girl who made me a dad in the first place and then the grandfather of two beautiful boys turned thirty.  Yes Lynn, I told the world how old you are.  You said that it was just another day to you but what you don’t understand yet is how proud you will be when you look at your children in thirty years and can honestly say “this has been the best experience of my life”.  That’s how I feel right now.  When you were little you used to call me “Marc”.  My friends would say “did she just call you Marc?” and with a big smile I would say “yes she did”.  That kind of bothered your mother because she thought when people seen us in a store and you referred to us as Marc and Mom, they would think we weren’t married but I thought it was pretty cool. 

I always thought that I would write a letter to my children for somebody to read at my funeral; not to make people cry, but I wanted the world to know how proud I am of you, Darrell and Makaila.  I decided that I can’t wait until then.   

You’ve grown up to be a kind and caring person, a friend, a daughter, a nurse, a sister, a wife and a mother.  I couldn’t be more proud of you.  I see that you enjoy being a parent as much as I do.  Savour the moments with those boys.  Do crazy things with them on the spur of the moment, make them laugh, read them books, go camping in the basement and when they’re old enough, stay up late with them and watch Saturday Night Live because it will seem like the blink of an eye when you will be sitting down to write this letter to them. 

So here’s to the last thirty years Lynn’n and the next thirty too.  For ever and for always I’ll love you like crazy!